Film is one of the most captivating visual mediums. The ability to tell stories from the eye of the camera allows the audience to be transported to an alternate state and feel emotionally connected to the content in some way. As a medium, film is incredibly flexible and can be used for productions ranging from presenter driven narratives to feature films.

Film Productions ranging from presenter driven corporate narratives to creative infused short stories.

The medium of film is incredible at connecting with an audience and delivering information in a personalised manner. Our Video production team and partners are experts at telling your story in a way that your audience can relate to and more importantly creates memorability.

Ascendant Studio’s strict production methodology ensures optimal value for money and at the same time ensures that the core of your message gets delivered in an engaging and stimulating manner.

Film Products

As a medium, Film is truly magical. With the ability to create illusions of reality, you can connect with an audience and alter the way they think, feel and perceive the world around them. Below are some of the products we can offer through the use of animation. This list is not exhaustive but gives an idea of what can be produced.


These personal videos establish a one-to-one connection with the subject and the intended audience. Through these videos, the interviewee can have a conversation and share their world view to convey a key message.

Company Profile Video

Profile videos are an informative way to share the essence of your business. These videos focus showcasing culture, values, unique benefits and value for your customers or employees as well as demonstrating distinctive capabilities.

Induction Video

Given new employees the best start by creating an induction video that provides all the information they should know when joining your company. These videos often set the first impressions on a working relationship.

Product Demonstration

These informative videos demonstrate the use and benefits of a new product. The use of film as a medium creates the opportunity to form a real and personal connection with the intended audience.

Training Video

These instructional videos work to educate the intended audience by demonstrating the theory and steps in a process. This can be targeted internally or externally depending on your objectives. Using film allows us to transfer knowledge and establish credibility in the content.


These videos deliver captivating story-telling through the medium of film to persuade the intended audience on the purchase of a product or service. Creating a believable and relatable world makes this imaginative medium powerful for advertising.

“The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle.”
– Stanley Kubrick

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