Content Delivery

Deliver your message at the right place and time

How a message is delivered can often be as important, if not more important than the message itself. Ascendant Studio assists with the delivery of your visual communications through a variety of platforms. Wherever you need to deploy your message, from social media to company intranets, we can assist in getting your message to the intended audience.

Social Media Content Delivery

Social media has grown to form a central role in the way businesses communicate with their market. Ensuring that customers and other interested parties can easily access relevant communications from your business is essential to keeping your market updated with valuable developments.

Ascendant Studio can assist with the setup and configuration of social media pages on a variety of platforms. Scheduling, posting and monitoring content is also central to an effective communication strategy and can reveal valuable trends for your business.

Web & Intranet Content Delivery

A website forms the backbone of communications for any business and is the first crucial component of an online presence. Communications posted on a company website can be targeted at a broad spectrum of audiences with a multitude of different objectives. Ascendant Studio can assist with categorizing, segmenting and deploying communications suited to the objectives and audiences the communication is intended for, with the aim to create a natural and beneficial user experience.

Further to this, not all content is intended for all audiences, and an effective communication strategy targets different communications to specific audiences. Internal communications is often ring-fenced to employees of the company through the use of intranet platforms, such as Microsoft SharePoint or Workplace.

Ascendant Studio can assist you with the deployment and access management of sensitive internal communication targeted to specific audiences.

Email Content Delivery

Email is a long established communication tool. Delivering content that will capture the attention of the recipient is vital to ensure that the message is not only viewed but also understood. Whether communicating with an internal or external audience, email content will represent a strong component of a communication strategy.

Ascendant Studio can assist in crafting the message and content of an email, delivering on the intended objectives, as well as configure bulk mailing lists aligned with audience segmentation.

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