Graphic Design

Graphic Design touches almost everything we see today. From the magazines we read, to the websites we browse, all of them are meticulously created with design front and center. Utilising the fundamental principles of graphic design, we create a visible energy around your communications that lead your audience to the heart of your message.

Effective design for a range of applications.

Our services cater to traditional offline marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, presentation folders, booklets, brochures, manuals, billboards, posters and more. If it goes to print we can design it for you. Our design geniuses also apply their hand to online mediums such as email signatures, PDF documentation, online forms and more.

Graphic design is also applied across the mediums, whether it’s title straps for videos, Illustrated characters for animation or brochures incorporating product photography. We cater to a variety of needs and always ensure our creative matches the overall message being delivered, using carefully considered colour theory, layout, spacing and overall form and function.

Our design services cater to brand strategy with logo design and the creation of a comprehensive Corporate Identity. We work to understand your companies unique essence and develop visuals to communicate this with the aim of creating awareness and memorability.

Graphic Design Products

To design is to communicate clearly. It’s a process that creates order out of chaos and can improve the flow of information in society. Good graphic design solutions therefore, can have a positive socioeconomic impact. Below are some of the products we can offer through the use of graphic design. This list is not exhaustive but gives an idea of what can be produced.

Business Cards

These company cards constitute an integral part of business etiquette. Our team can design cost effective business cards with a layout that captures the attention of prospective customers while presenting key information clearly.

Company Profile

These spreads share the essence of your business. They focus on embedding and showcasing culture, values, unique benefits and value for your customers or employees as well as demonstrating distinctive capabilities.

Induction Pack

Giving new employees the best start by creating an induction pack that provides all the information they should know when joining your company. These comprehensive packs often set the first impressions on the working relationship.

Product Brochure

This print collateral illustrates the value proposition of a new product. These brochures create the opportunity to jam pack all the information a prospective customer would need to know about the product.

Training Guide

These instructional work packs seek to educate the intended audience by outlining the theory and knowledge needed for new skills development. This is generally targeted internally but can cater to an external audience depending on your objectives.

Interactive PDF

These engaging digital media offer an enhancement to traditional print collateral. They offer the opportunity to embed rich media like video, to create a more rewarding engagement with the audience. From catalogues, to manuals interactive pdfs are a powerful medium.


Your branding is your identity in business. Having a strong recognizable brand can often make the different between success and failure. Our team are well versed at putting together a comprehensive branding package to suit your requirements.

Posters / Banner

These age old communication mediums are still relevant in today’s world. If you need to capture an audiences attention on key locations, the use of a poster or banner will deliver results. From A1 all the way to large format prints, our team has the design tools for the job.


These graphical email campaigns are a brilliant way to stand out from the crowd and allow your audience to cut through the noise. Encapsulating your message in a stunning email layout with a clear distinct message will increase the chances of you reaching your audience.

“Creativity is to think more efficiently”
– Pierre Reverdy

Some Graphic Design Examples:

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