About Ascendant Studio

The Ascendant Way

Ascendant studio is a Johannesburg based, proudly South African, creativity consultancy aimed at empowering businesses to communicate key information to stakeholders through the mediums of video, animation, photography and design.

The Vision

We aspire to be an organization that empowers and challenges all those we engage with to enact their ascension, reach their pinnacle and truly become an icon of success in their respective rights. Ascendant Studio aims to take our clients with us on the journey towards rising to new heights.

  • Challenge and empower business
  • Create icons of success
  • Rising to new heights

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.”
—Steve Jobs

The Mission

Ascendant Studio endeavors to form meaningful partnerships by investing time and energy in truly understanding our clients ambitions, the problems they face in achieving these ambitions and what they need to solve these problems. We formulate recommendations and subsequently execute on these to create valuable, high quality communications that can be simply and easily understood by all stakeholders.

  • Meaningful partnerships
  • Understanding ambitions
  • Execute valuable communications

Our Values

To our clients,

We promise to work with you to deliver your dreams and ambitions by instilling them in those who are responsible for bringing them to life.

To our employees,

We promise to enable your success, provide support and be your greatest fans.

To our investors,

We promise to be your champions and gladiators, and aim to deliver nothing but value.

Our products

Our values dictate that our products will be delivered with speed and precision, with an emphasis on the best visual quality.

Our process

We will always operate with honesty and integrity. We commit to giving nothing but our best effort in any endeavor.

Our promise

Above all else, we are always accountable for our actions and the success of our clients and staff.