Let’s take your business to new heights

Ascendant Studio offers a range of services to solve your business challenges. We are passionate about understanding your unique circumstances and tailoring our solutions to suit.

Creative Consulting

Ascendant Studio focuses on building close relationships with our clients, to get to the core of their challenges and proactively develop strategies and solutions to overcome these. Our communication solutions focus on delivering tangible results against targeted objectives by inspiring positive action both inside and outside of your business.

Content Creation

At Ascendant Studio we use a variety of creative visual media to develop content for your communication strategy. From the mind bending possibilities of 2D and 3D animation, to the captivating storytelling of film and photography or the eye catching nature of graphic design, we have all the tools in our stable to deliver stunning visual media.

Content Delivery

We can aid in identifying the channels that would best serve the implementation of your communication strategy. We leverage off of a variety of channels, from social platforms like Facebook and Linkedin to channels like email and message boards to ensure the right message reaches the right audience, at the perfect time.