Creative Consulting

Let Creative drive your business forward

Creative touches all we do in our business, from sales and marketing, to learning and development. The use of creative media has become central to how businesses communicate in the digital age. Is your business communicating effectively with all stakeholders?

What is Creative Consulting?

Creative consulting is an emergent business support service that combines the benefits of traditional business consulting with the powerful world of visual communications. In an ever digitizing world, the need for visual communications is growing.

Creative consulting seeks to proactively identify crucial communication gaps and close these gaps through the use of effective communication strategies. If individuals understand their role and responsibilities in the success of your business they then have an improved ability to deliver and realize that success. This can be achieved through bespoke communication strategies delivered by effective visual communications.

How does Creative Consulting Work?

Ascendant Studio’s creative consulting model is centered around providing creative advisory services. Our experts utilize specialist knowledge in the creative field to provide guidance and advice to our clients. We work closely with you to illuminate the source of your business challenges and advise on pivotal communications. These will drive positive change in overcoming challenges and deliver the desired results.

Not only do we work proactively to identify communication gaps and make clear and actionable recommendations, we also produce the visual communication content and deliver these to crucial audiences and key stakeholders.

What are the benefits?

Businesses can solve their most critical challenges through the use of creative consulting services. This can improve revenue and profits through improved marketing and sales efforts; create operational alignment with strategy through training and development; instill a distinct and effective company culture within their teams and facilitate the retention and transfer of knowledge and capabilities within the organization to name but a few.

Utilizing the correct medium for communication, while having access to a wide range of creative skill-sets, works to optimize budgets and deliver effective communication. This Results in a greater return on investment and clear business case for creative within the business.

Free up your time to focus on building the core capabilities your business needs to deliver valuable products and services to your customers and allow us to focus on getting the right messages to the right people and ease the flow of communication in and around your business.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Creative Consulting Benefits


Do away with the need to keep highly specialised creative resources on your book to deliver on creative projects.

Communicate Effectively

Utilize expert knowledge to create communications that will influence the positive change in behavior, knowledge and skill set.

Full creative capabilities

Get the maximum benefit from the communications in your business by having access to the full set of resources needed for production.


Maximise your business’ potential by leveraging expert knowledge in the realm of visual communications.

Explore creative solutions for your business challenges