Black Friday Promotional Videos

CamiRocks is a specialist jewellery manufacturer and retailer aiming to be the online jewellery destination for women who buy their own diamonds. They approached us to assist in the development of Black Friday promotional videos that they could use to advertise their Black Friday specials. We assisted with the creative direction, set setup, filming and editing.

The Brief

CamiRocks had a very clear vision for their promotional videos and supplied us with a variety of references to base their content on.

The overall aesthetic demanded a clean white background, with vibrant contrasting colours on their models and of course, primary focus placed on the jewellery.

They also loved the idea of incorporating slow motion footage to really draw in the audiences attention and focus it on the quality of their products.

The Result

With agreement on the approach, Ascendant Studio configured the set and lighting and proceeded to film two models, including the CamiRocks founder with a variety of products. The results were very well received: