Experts Talk Videos

R. Stahl is a global leader in plant automation and safety products and services across a vast set of industries from gas and oil, to marine and shipbuilding. They initiated a global marketing campaign that put faces to the names of their experts in a set of R. Stahl Experts Talk Videos and Ascendant Studio assisted with the filming of experts within Southern Africa.

R. STAHL’s Diogo Fidalgo, an automation engineer in South Africa speaks about our wide-range of automation solutions which are tailor-made to meet customer requirements.

Gladys Chiloane, our Sales Representative in South Africa, explains how R. STAHL is synonymous with safety and the highest quality across the world.

Through this video, Automation Engineer, Diogo Fidalgo explains a very simple way to use one operator station for many control systems and also shares insights on how it helps you to save on the capital and operating expenses.