Explainer Video

Findango is an innovative end-to-end digital platform that quickly and easily connects commercial real estate lenders to borrowers and their property deals. We were requested to assist with the launch of the Findango platform by producing a 2D animated explainer video to help their prospective customers understand their unique offering.

Findango - A Unique Brand

Core to their brand, Findango’s logo encompasses a rare yet beautiful bird, the flamingo. This posed a unique challenge to our animation team, in that we wanted to incorporate their unique mascot in the world setting and protagonists of their explainer video. The team set out to develop character concepts for the main characters, Francis and Fiona.

The team developed Fiona to be our property developer protagonist. Her design sports a reflective yellow hardhat, blueprints in hand and hardy construction boots while still retaining feminine elements in her design.

As for Francis, the team emphasised a male financial investor, placing emphasis on a sophisticated, form-fitting tailored 2 piece suit. Francis also loves his coffee, which can often be seen in his shots.

Concept sketch of a Flamingo 2D humanoid character in black and white

Character Concept and Refinement

With the creative direction set for our two main characters, the team proceeded to flesh out their design with crisp and clear vector artwork. This design medium would form the foundation for our animation.

Explainer Video Storyboard

With a firm understanding of our main characters, it was time to form the world around their story and interaction with the Findango platform.

The team set out to develop storyboards that would not only capture the attention of Findango’s targetted audience, but also deliver key insights into the value that their platform offers.

We wanted to root the story in a realworld feel, that was rich with atmosphere and gave the audience a sense of the possibilities, not only in real estate, but also in the deliverance of the Findango platform.

The End Result