Explainer Video

The Last 50 Yards is an innovator in the retail stock analysis market. Their company developed a stock analysis system that could not only predict the exact date when an out of shelf event would occur, but also provide management tools to prevent it from occurring in the fist place. Such an innovation was not known to the industry and due to it’s very technical statistical nature, they had a tough time explaining the concept to prospective customers. They approached us at Ascendant Studio to assist in overcoming their challenges in explaining their concept, and we identified a remedy in the form of an animated explainer video. We handled the full end to end process, assisting in the drafting of the script, creation of the animation elements and sourcing and managing voice over talent.

Marketing Approach

Due to the complexity of the service offering that The Last 50 Yards was offering their clients, we agreed that the best approach to explain and market their offering was to take a two prong approach. The first objective, was to provide their prospective clients with a novel way of looking at the problems in their retail stores, the source of their out of shelf events. The second objective, was to illustrate how the service offering of The Last 50 Yards, could overcome these challenges and provide them a very clear view of the stocking situation in their respective stores.

The problem of out of shelf events

In the first explainer video, we wanted to give a clear view of just how bad out of shelf events can be for a retail business and also draw attention to how unaware businesses are of the cause within their stores.

Illustrating the upside of ensuring that products are available at the point of purchase on-time and every-time provided the justification for addressing this challenge.

The solution to out of shelf events

In the second explainer video, we wanted to deliver a sharp and clear understanding of how The Last 50 Yards’ service offering could help managers in the retail space manage out of shelf events effectively.

It was important to create content that was easily understood by anyone, especially individuals who didn’t understand the intricacies of statistical analysis