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Creating Captivating videos to explain your business

Explainer Videos

One of the best ways to not only inform but entertain your audience is through the use of an explainer video. Ascendant Studio is an explainer video company, passionate about explaining your products, services, or your business in general, through these powerful pieces of communication.

Explainer Video Production Services


Before creating an awe inspiring explainer video, it's important to understand why you want to have one created in the first place. Therefore, one of our expert creative consultants will unpack your objectives and feed these into our production process. This is to ensure a positive return on investment.

Script Writing

Exceptional explainer videos are all about story. We offer script writing services that ensure your audience is as enchanted by your business or product as you are proud to present it. Crafting intricate worlds with relatable and memorable characters is what we are great at.


Seeing your story come to life before committing to the final outcome is essential to a successful video. With this in mind, our creatives are adept at sketching the layout and composition of scenes to enable you to get a real sense of how everything will play out.

Animation / Filming

Making on-screen magic is what we are known best for. Whether you are looking to create an animated or live action explainer video, our creatives have the tools for the job. Your business or product is unique, and your explainer video should be too. We don't compromise on quality and always ensure each scene is portrayed with gorgeous imagery.

Content Delivery

The success of your video is dependent on your audience consuming the content and understanding your message. Our team will ensure your video reaches your intended audience at the right time and the right place. Whether your message is intended for internal or external audiences, we will help you deploy your message on the right platform.

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere”

-Lee Lacocca

2D, 3D and Live Action Explainer Videos

We cater to a variety of visual styles to suit your communication needs:

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Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are a cost effective way to explain concepts making use of still frame drawings that are animated onto frame. Our whiteboard explainer videos help to illustrate and explain concepts in a way that entertains audiences.

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2D Explainer Videos

Considered to be the traditional style of animation, 2D animation utilizes flat illustrated or hand drawn elements to create remarkable worlds and characters. 2D explainer videos are great at isolating focus on core components of your business or product and are exceptional at explaining abstract concepts.

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3D Explainer Videos

A world created in 3D gives us unprecedented power over every small detail. These explainer videos are excellent at explainer products and concepts that are very difficult to show through the medium of film. They offer a believable and credible way to showcase unique features of products or services.

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Live Action Explainer Videos

There often is no substitute for the real world. Live action explainer videos involve the use of videography to tell a story or film a presenter explaining a product, service or business. These explainer videos maximize the “human element” and create a real and intimate connection with the audience.

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