Stefanutti Stocks Water Clarification Videos

Stefanutti Stocks is one of South Africa’s leading construction groups with the capacity to deliver a range of projects of any scale. One of their solutions caters to water clarification in remote environments, such as in the mining industry. Visually Thinking secured the opportunity to develop 5 promotional videos that highlight the key advantages of the various installments in the water clarification solution. We assisted Visually Thinking with the 3D animation video development.

Turnkey Water Clarification

Stefanutti Stocks Mechanical offers a complete, turnkey water clarification system that effectively provides clarified water through an affordable method of recycling dirty water. The solution is design for industrial and mining clients in South Africa.

Using 3D animation, we assisted Visually Thinking to develop a range of promotional videos for their client, Stefanutti Stocks. We developed videos focusing on the different elements of the solution, from their static degrit plant, to their high rate clarifier.