Citi Chef FS Promotional Video

Cadac designs and manufactures a wide range of gas powered BBQ and their Citi Chef 40 FS is a trendy and versatile barbecue designed to be a real eye-catcher on your terrace, balcony or in the garden. We assisted Cadac with the development of the Citi Chef FS Promotional Video using a sophisticated combination of 3D animation and live action.
3D Rendering of a Cadac Citi Chef FS on a tiled patio next to a couch with a citi skyline in the background

Setting the tone

Our primary approach to developing the animated promotional video for the Cadac Citi Chef FS was to ensure that the animated reflected a real-world example of how the product would be used.

Inspired by European aesthetics, we set the Citi Chef FS on a tiled patio with L shaped couch. The background is composed of a European city skyline.

The Citi Chef FS is an adaptation to the Citi Chef 40, with a focus on the wooden legs that extend the braai’s height, while ensuring that the braai is still light enough to move around.