• Animation from Nashua of two desktop service consultants analysing and fixing results

  • Animation of Ishisa machines with blue and red ribbons flowing past the machines

  • Animation from Cool Boost Systems of cutaway of an internal combustion engine



Animation is one of the most flexible visual mediums we have at our disposal. The incredible expertise of our team guarantees that we can bring your vision to life. If it can be imagined it can be created in either 2D or 3D animation

2D Animated images of a blue rocket launching

2D Animation

2D animation is considered to be the traditional style of the medium utilizing flat imagery that changes on a per frame basis to create the sense of motion. Although 2D animation is the predecessor to 3D animation, it is still widely used today albeit through the use of computer platforms. This style has the benefit of being very cost effective but falls short in creating believable representations of reality.

2D animation can be implemented in various communication products, such as business explainers, training and promotional videos with the aim of conveying information in a simple, uncluttered format that can also create a lighthearted or fun atmosphere.

3D animation of a blue spaceship flying above the ground

3D Animation

3D animation is the successor to 2D and primarily makes use of computer generated three dimensional models that are manipulated within their environment to create video or even still content.

3D animation is an incredibly flexible medium as it allows control over the smallest of details and is geared towards simulating the real world. This offers the incredible creative ability of representing real life occurrences in a way that would be impossible in the physical real world. The medium also has great flexibility in terms of the visual style, ranging from photo-real to cartoon styling. The process of 3D tends to be more complicated when compared to 2D and therefore brings with it a noticeable cost difference, although the advantages and flexibility far outweigh 2D animation in many instances.


“Animation is about creating the illusion of life.”

– Brad Bird

Animation Products

Animation lends itself to many different communication pieces and can even work to support other non-video based communication pieces through graphic design. Below are some of the products we can offer through the use of this medium. This list is not exhaustive but gives an idea of what can be produced.

Explainer Video

These entertaining animated videos make use of characters, stories and scenarios to explain new concepts. These videos typically highlight advantages and benefits of a particular product or service.

Product Demonstration

These captivating animated videos demonstrate the use and benefits of a new product. These animated videos primarily make use of 3D animation supported by secondary 2D animated elements.

Architectural walkthrough

These videos visualize an architectural area before a single brick is laid. 2D floor plans are created in 3D and furnished to represent a near to life view of the end building.

Product Still Renderings

These involve the creation of photorealistic renderings of a 3D product. These rendered images can support prototyping initiatives by giving a view of the end product before it’s development.

Animated Training Video

These instructional videos demonstrate the steps in a process. This can be targeted internally or externally depending on your objectives. Using this medium allows us to illustrate scenarios that would otherwise be impossible.

Advertising Animation

These videos deliver captivating story-telling through this powerful medium to persuade the intended audience on the purchase of a product or service. Creating a believable and relatable world makes this imaginative medium powerful for advertising.

Some Animated Examples:

Snapshot of animation from cool boost stystems of their protection system
Animation of the fleet of xray weighers that Ishida has on offer
Snapshot from the Cadac animation of the Cadac big 5 innovations
Family from the Orda App Animation standing at the airport
Food on the grill from the Cadac Citi Chef 50 animated video
Main character looking confused at a report from The Last 50 Yards out of shelf animation
Sketch of scientist mixing a green and red chemicals from the University of Johannesburg faculty of health sciences animation
Floating red ibreathe commet e-cigarrette from the companies explainer video