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"Safe, reliable performance at an affordable price"

Case Study

Cool Boost Systems promotional videos.

Ascendant Studio empowered Cool Boost to make use of digital mediums
to reach and communicate with a large audience

Who is Cool Boost Systems?

Cool Boost systems is the birth child of Brendan Penny, a modest entrepreneur with background and expertise in the electronics field. Having started out his entrepreneurial journey retailing water methanol injection systems for the car performance industry in South Africa, Cool Boost Systems was born out of the development of proprietary water methanol injection systems.

Brendan Penny from cool boost systems standing next to water methanol injection display
stage 2 water methanol injection kit from cool boost systems

What makes Cool Boost… Cool?

The Cool Boost systems incorporate sophisticated functionality coupled with next level customization to offer the performance industry a proudly South African alternative to global brands. Their water methanol kits deliver incredible value through a prime focus on safety and performance all the while maintaining affordability.

What Cool Boost wanted to achieve...

Leverage Digital

Cool Boost wanted to explore the option of leveraging off of digital mediums to reach and communicate with a large audience.

Kick-start YouTube

The intention was to kick start the Cool Boost Systems YouTube channel with video content that resonated with their target audience and enticed them to subscribe for more "Cool" videos.

Provide Product Insights

Having developed an awesome product, Cool Boost wanted to communicate their unique offering and educate potential customers on the notable features of their products.

What did Cool Boost need?

Being a sole proprietor, Brendan had a limited access to a creative skill-set and needed to find a creative partner that could not only produce the content he envisioned but one that could also understand the bigger vision of what he was trying to achieve. Brendan wanted a flexible solution that would enable him to create his own content for the channel that was consistent with the more purposeful "Wow" pieces he would use to market the Cool Boost products.

Brendan Penny presenting a demonstration of the Cool Boost Systems WMI Injection
Studio product photography of water methanol kit from Cool Boost Systems

Getting to know Cool Boost Systems…

To truly understand what the vision entailed for Cool Boost Systems, we first familiarised ourselves with the company and the competitive landscape in which they operated. Brendan had unpacked how their products were positioned in the market and how they were different from their international competitors.

The enthusiastic entrepreneur had found himself competing on a basis of being the best cost provider in the industry, offering prospective customers access to premium features at a very difficult to beat price.

Brendan explains his situation, "Prior to working with Ascendant Studio, we had no way to visually describe our products to interested parties. This forced us to explain its inner workings over the phone or in person. It was highly annoying as not all customers could visualize the technical detail we were describing and it lead to a lot of unnecessary time spent with customers repeating information. Cutomers quite often initially had the wrong idea of the product's application that lead them to us.

We were also in the position where we could not compete with advertising on social media and search engines because we only had static images that did not really capture the target audience's attention."

What was the Communication Strategy?

Ascendant Studio recommended creating communicative content that spoke of a premium product with a friendly approachability that car lovers would resonate with. Our communication strategy was to be executed with animated promotional videos that illustrated the three key unique selling points of Cool Boost Systems.

Progressive Injection

Incredible performance is achieved through the feature of progressive water methanol injection that offers enhanced delivery.


There were two notable safety features, one in the form of Protection, that is offered through sophisticated self-monitoring of the controller unit.


The second safety feature, Detection, speaks to the inclusion of a system to detect potentially catastrophic pressure loss.

Animation frame of promotional video for Cool Boost Systems

A clear direction

Cool Boost Systems now had a structured approach to communicating with their market that infused an essence of what their brand and products represented - Safe and reliable performance at an affordable price.

The company was empowered with marketing tools that could reach a broad audience and more importantly captured an identifiable brand identity. Along with the creation of the video, were elements like a logo build animation and closing CTA that empowered Cool Boost Systems to create their own ad-hoc video communications for their YouTube Channel

Brendan shared with us how the communication strategy has helped his business, "By using the animation of our system's inner workings and application, it has driven the correct traffic to us from posting the videos on our social media pages. Our systems support site also includes our videos, which gives us confidence that the animation portrays the same professionalism and accuracy of an experienced employee for questions that customers can't ask us directly."

Campaign Stats

Below are some of the results Cool Boost Systems had achieved with their digital marketing campaign.

41 856

We asked Brendan to share the results he experienced with utilising the marketing content, "From the ad sets we have run, we have never drawn the views and interest we received compared to static images and amateur videos we have done in the past. The clarity of the animations allows for focused attention on our products and almost always converts to an enquiry, which we have been massively impressed with. We have also been able to use the videos for repeat ads on different platforms to remind customers of our product for different events throughout the year. The animations have created the impression of a 'big professional company feel' to potential customers which promotes sales for us. We have also begun with an international outreach and the videos has helped to close the language barrier which quite often can cause a loss of interest from the get go."

Water methanol injection system from Cool Boost Systems

What does your situation like now?

We caught up with Brendan to see how Cool Boost has developed since our projects with him, here's what he had to say:

We are much more confident in being able to send customers directly to our website. Viewing our content and allowing them to have their own understanding of the system's function based on what they see in the videos has freed up time for us and given us the opportunity to explore new developments.

We also don't have to ask if customers understand what they are buying as they mostly have all watched our video's and are convinced themselves that our product is what they need.

Clouds in the blue sky

How would you describe your working experience with Ascendant Studio?

"We were treated with exceptional professionalism"
-Brendan Penny, Founder

We were treated with exceptional professionalism in kick off meetings and follow ups. Our projects were developed on their own and our expected completion dates were always communicated well in advance and always achieved. Many of the questions Ascendant Studio asked during development were questions that we had never thought of before which gave us a lot of insight into what we needed to clarify not only for the animation but in our own products and how we are presenting them to our customers via website content and material. Overall we are extremely happy with the products we received from Ascendant Studio and will always be indebted to them for our companies professional footing in the industry.